Wink Bingo is yet another new bingo site taking to the playing field and is possibly a site that will appeal to the high rollers out there. Specifically those bingo players that can spare a big lump or two of cash to make some quite substantial first deposits because Wink Bingo offers £1,000 in new account holder free bingo bonuses.

Wink Bingo Bonuses

That said the bingo site is offering a 400% free bingo bonus on a first deposit so players who deposit £10 will receive a very healthy total of £40 into their online bingo account, which for the bingo players who like to play in the cheaper games – and Wink Bingo offers games that start at just 1p – this amount of bingo cash will last some time before a next deposit is due.

Wink Bingo doesn’t offer a free bonus for just joining the bingo site, this however is not a problem because they do offer stacks of free bingo, so players who can’t afford to part with much cash and are on a tight budget should not be put off joining.

There are no less than six free bingo rooms, although it is worth noting that some are only open to funded players and these are as you might expect the bingo rooms with the higher jackpots.

Wink Bingo nonetheless are offering jackpots starting at £1 upwards to a guaranteed £200, which as free bingo jackpots go is not bad at all.

The free no deposit bingo rooms are very heavily populated so it might be a better option to pay to play for those online bingo players who are chasing the jackpots.

Wink Bingo Games

Talking of jackpots there are some pretty amazing games to take part in, the intriguingly named Multi Vitamin Cash game provides a £150 guaranteed jackpot TWICE a day from Sunday through to Friday, and for just 5p a ticket this is bargain bingo with a capital ‘B’ and with a great payout too.

The 1p Wednesday is also a bargain game that has a pretty spectacular guaranteed jackpot prize fund of £1,000.

There are bingo games with more expensive tickets and with smaller prizes, the benefits of playing these rooms though has to be the better opportunity of a bingo win, as these rooms are less populated the odds of a win is greatly increased.

So what is Wink Bingo like overall? Well with a name like WinkBingo it brings thoughts of country types on horseback, ladies eating cucumber sandwiches, sipping Earl Grey whilst admiring the thoroughbreds (both the horses and the men riding them!) on the field.

Well either that or the mint with a hole in the middle, or even the car of the same name, however none of these seems to be the basis for a theme at Wink Bingo. In fact unlike most online bingo sites there does not appear to be a specific theme or identity associated to WinkBingo.

There is however a slight feeling of déjà vu when playing at Wink and this is because it is a sister site to an already popular bingo site, account holders of Moon Bingo will recognise the connection immediately – this is further confirmed in some of the terms and conditions where  bingo is mentioned.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the Wink Bingo name maybe doesn’t offer a unique selling point as is the case with some of the other newer sites on the market.

When first landing at the Wink Bingo site players are welcomed by a home page that is a bright fuschia, this is replaced by a tasteful shade of teal in the bingo lobby and bingo rooms.

All of the different games areas in the bingo lobby are well signposted and there is a huge selection of games and promotional games to excite the visiting player.

At time of writing there was an offer of a free prize draw entry for players who refer a friend to play at the WinkBingo site plus a free bingo bonus reward.

On the whole the team love the Wink Bingo site, there is a good mix of free, cheap and more expensive bingo games offering a little bit of something for every type of player – so if you like this is a good all rounder.

Because of the link to Wink Bingo players can feel assured that they are dealing with a reputable company when making their deposits and with the benefits of LP’s for regular players this could be one to add to your favourites.

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