With so many online bingo sites on the market what is so Tasty about Tasty Bingo? Instantly Tasty Bingo gives a fresh and lively impression, first impressions certainly count for something and in the case of online bingo if you land at the home page of a new bingo site and it looks bland and boring then there is an inclination to move elsewhere.

No such feeling is experienced when visiting Tasty Bingo for the first time, there has obviously been a lot of work going on to produce such an exciting online bingo site. The home page is fully food themed, as you might expect with a name like Tasty Bingo. Players will be met with bright cartoon images of sweets, candy and chocolates, all showing immediately where all the most important places are to visit at the online bingo site.

There are useful tabs on the Tasty Bingo home page for ease of direction to the main areas that, players can access the games, help and promotions. First stop for most online bingo players who visit Tasty Bingo is going to be the accounts section to make their first deposit, there really is a need to make that all important deposit because there is not much in the way of no deposit bingo.

Tasty Bingo Games

Another added advantage of making a deposit is the new account holder offers, which with a 100% cash match on first deposit is a promotion not to be sniffed at. However new account holders can choose from a selection of good quality wines such as Merlot or Sauvignon blanc, hand made chocolates delivered packaged in a Tasty Bingo tin or the most obvious selection the £10 extra free bingo bonus.

The extra bingo bonus will be given for a deposit over £10 and will take up to 48 hours to be credited to a mew account holders funds.

There are both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games, progressives as well as pre-buys these games can all be accessed via the lobby. The lobby is fab, we love the unusual look which although stuffed full of information is still really easy to navigate.

Tasty Bingo Bonuses

Bingo games start for free though some free bingo rooms are only accessible depending on the loyalty level that has been achieved. There are stacks of chat games available to play with CH’s who are eager to keep everyone communicating.

Considering Tasty Bingo is a new site the rooms are quite well populated even late at night, the games rooms are bright and look quite unusual compared to the likes of Wink and Tasty Bingo.

A little warning – beware the instant games that are available when playing in the bingo rooms, there was no one available to give any warnings when we visited the Tasty Bingo site, and whilst playing the Happy Mushroom the writer got a little confused and lost a stack of money almost immediately whilst trying to work out how to play!

Other players might not find them a problem but the Happy Mushroom didn’t really provide much in the way of information, and it is now a case of once bitten twice shy!

There are special bingo rooms available to play n depending on the loyalty level achieved. Players can work their way up the ranks by earning truffles. These sweet treat are given as rewards for playing bingo and Instant games at Tasty Bingo and for gaining a bingo on the truffle pattern.

The truffles gained will allow players to enter special bingo rooms that are open either once a week, twice a month or monthly and pay out prizes of between £100 and £600.

We believe that Tasty Bingo is a great site to visit, and is highly recommended. Without doubt this is one site that will stand the test of time, don’t hang about get playing there are games galore, cheap as chips games, amazing promotions and wine a chocolate – what more could any bingo player possibly want?

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