Quality Bingo has a 105 free tickets free credit to newly registered players to try the site. The first three cash deposits are matched up to 200%.

Loyalty points are awarded for every wager made on the site.

These points can be converted or used to buy tickets for bingo games. Purchase of bingo game cards at regular prices are matched with free cards.

On the players birthday the site will give the player £5.

One other bonus that can be earned is by referring friends to the site. This referral can earn the referrer £50 if the friend makes a real cash deposit.

Quality Bingo Games

All of these bonuses are available to the players when they sign up to play at this site. The list of games offered on this site range in jackpots and card prices.

As with other good sites, the games are the answer to keeping players happy with a site. Quality Bingo has a lot going for it and the players that play online at this site.

This site has side slot games that are very popular with the players. As with most good bingo sites, it is the games that keep players coming back to play again and again.

Bingo Jackpots

Quality Bingo has rich list of current games posted online at the site. Players use this list to make sure they play the games that they want to play.

Without the list it would be easy to miss a game that you really wanted to play.

Scheduling games into a personal busy life is easier if the player knows when they need to register to play in a game.

Free games are played in two rooms at Quality Bingo. These games are not only free, but they also have real money prizes.


Bonuses are one reason for player to come to a site. The games are the other reason that players come to a site, stay and play.

In the case of Quality Bingo the reasons are both valid to a new player that tries this site. Many sites have great bonus programs, but they fall down in the game department.

Quality Bingo has both elements for the player’s enjoyment and further reason for the player to go through with a trial of the site.

As with all sites that offer bonuses, the player is advised to read the terms and conditions about deposits and withdrawals.

No two sites operate under the same rules and for this reason it is recommended that players read the rules for any site they are going to play on.

This site has a very generous bonus program and for this reason the players are very attracted to the site.

If you are going to try the site, read the rules to make sure you understand the restrictions about bonus money.


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