Bonus Bingo is part of a multiple gaming operation that include bingo, poker, casino and lotto. This is a big plus for the player that likes these other forms of gaming as well as bingo. When a new player registers an account, the site gives them ten free bingo cards.

The bonus on the first deposit is matched at 500% and 400% on all succeeding deposits. The most that can be matched in either case is $100. The site also has a refer a friend bonus and a loyalty program. Both of these programs will give small bingo bonuses if the player meets the requirements.

The other attractive promotions that are offered are a series of games that have a range of prizes starting with a top prize on a cover all game of $1,000,000 if the winner bingos with in a limited number of calls. When the calls go over the limited number the jackpot drops to a jackpot of $500 to $1500 depending on which game is being played.

USA Players are welcome at Bonus Bingo

There are three of these games each week. There are other smaller promotions like pay the bills games and a guaranteed game every day with a jackpot of $100. The list is fairly large of games that are offered, with the prizes and the time for each game.

As with other bingo sites, this site has a set of rules for how deposits and withdrawals will be handled. Every site has its own terms and conditions. The sites have little in common with each other as far as the rules are concerned. The differences are some are very fair and some have restrictions that are down right confiscatory.

In any event it is smart for players on any site to read the rules and be prepared for the requirements for withdrawals. These rules are absolutely put in cement and cannot be changed for any player.

Bonus Bingo is an unusual site in that it offers more gaming options than the typical bingo site. This is a plus for some players as they like to play in more gaming situations than just bingo by itself. The bingo game schedule has enough variety that players are not going to be easily bored on this site.

The bonus is attractive for those that want to get more bang for their money that they deposit. Bonus money helps to stretch a players playing money a little further.

Eventually some one will get exceptionally lucky and win the cover all million game. How ever the players that play it are bucking very high odds of getting a bingo in the limited number of calls. The best that can be said for the site is that offers some very good chances to win some money.

Bonus Bingo Bonuses

Bonus Bingo gives new players free bingo cards and a 500% match on the first deposit. Deposits after the first have a 500% match. Other bingo bonuses that are offered are for refer a friend and those that can be obtained with the loyalty points. These bonuses are not the highest on the net, but they are more than adequate to attract players.

The other attraction on the site are the games that are featured daily, weekly or monthly. The site has games with jackpots that are just reasonable to one that is huge to the winning player.

A huge jackpot is open on the million pound cover all game It the cover all is not completed in a limited number of calls, the jackpot drops to $500 to $1500 depending on which day it is being played. There are many other games that a player can sign up for throughout the month.

For this reason there is little chance of a player being bored. With this wide range of games, a player has to be able to find games that they are willing to play.

This site has a balance of game and bonuses that will attract player to the site. This is an important point on any site that players are considering as both are important to a long stay on any site.

Read the terms and conditions on any site that is being considered for play. These site rules govern what can be done in the way of deposits and withdrawals. Each site has its own unique set of rules that run the site. Do not get surprised by something that was in the rules.


Bonus Bingo has a number of pluses that recommend the site as one that can be played. The bonuses are more than adequate and the games have enough range and variety to keep players interested over the long run. A player could get very lucky on this site and win a million pounds.

On the other end of the scale there are plenty of games that have smaller prizes, but would be a nice win for the price of a few bingo cards. Players that are looking for a site to play on would not do badly to give this site a tumble for a few sessions to see if it fits their needs in a bingo site.

A little deposit is all that is required to give a site a trial run to see if it is a site that makes you happy. Bingo sites are coming online all of the time, increasing the competition for bingo sites. This makes for a very competitive world to operate in.

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