A new player on Amigo Bingo gets $50 free with no deposit to try the site once they have registered an account. The first deposit is matched 500%. Every deposit will then be matched up to 400%. Amigo Bingo has free tickets in promotions all the time. Watch for the announcements offering the free tickets.

Referrals of friends are worth $10 each if the referred party makes a deposit. Amigo Bingo has some great promotions going on now. One bingo promotion is for a cruise and another is for pink laptops. The cruise prize is worth about $12,000 for each package. Promotions at Amigo Bingo come is all sizes, many different games and are always interesting for the players that visit the site online.

Since the bingo bonuses are rather small compared to what other bingo sites offer, the promotions make up the attractions to draw players to the site. This is just a little unusual, but Amigo Bingo is an unusual site in the bingo world.

Amigo Bingo Bonuses

The terms and conditions for the site are something that should be read by players that plan to use the site as their home base in bingo. Each bingo site has its own set of rules, which are unique to each site. This is especially true about withdrawals.

One promotion that seems to be taking on the rage in some bingo sites are the free games. Amigo Bingo has its version of free games and it seems likely that with the popularity of the free games this segment of its promotions will continue to get play.

The other promotions that seem to attract attention is the series of games with guaranteed prizes. Fixed prizes are popular with players as the prize is guaranteed no matter how many players sign up for the games.

Amigo Bingo has been one of the bingo players favorite sites for some time now. The reason for its popularity is the games that it offers and the fact that it has been around for a while. When a site has a bonus as small as this one it has to be the games that get players to come to the site. In the case of Amigo Bingo that is absolutely true.

Amigo Bingo Review

Players that like to play for bigger prizes are going to be in love with this bingo site. There are always a number of games with larger prizes on this site. Promotions that only come up monthly or once a week are the bigger games to look at. If this type of game is your passion, then Amigo Bingo is the site that should be looked at for a few sessions of play. Come and visit and stay and play for a session or four.

Amigo Bingo has a number of bonus programs that attract new players to the site and then use game promotions to keep them coming back. Promotions on the site run the gambit of large to small jackpots. The largest jackpot on the site for a bingo game is the weekly game with a jackpot is $1,000,000.

This is the top prize and other games will have smaller prizes for the winners to capture. Amigo Bingo has a reputation for running very good promotions every month or week of the year. Interesting new games with decent prizes are always going to attract players and keep existing players playing.

It is sincerely recommended that all players read the site’s terms and conditions with regard to the rules about withdrawals or deposits. All sites have their own rules and there are few common areas in rules that have to do withdrawals. The feature to be sure about are the play through rules about bonuses.

Like many quality sites, Amigo Bingo uses Live Chat to answer questions from their players. This is the quickest way to get the right answer to the players with questions or concerns.


Amigo Bingo is likely to be an example of its name to most players. This site is elegant and the personification of Amigo bingo. Most of managements decisions meet with player approval as to promotions, games, prizes and scheduling of the games.

The player choices range over a large number of games with different prizes and bingo card prices. The bonuses are fair and not abnormally large, but do help a player stretch their bingo money for playing games.

The website is attractive and visually pleasing for players, games offered are solid and fun to play, the prizes range from very large to even prizes on free games and the rules for the site seem fair when compared to other bingo sites. The result is Amigo bingo is a very successful site in the ever expanding bingo world. They are winning a fierce battle with other sites.

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