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Redbus Bingo

Savvy bingo players will always check out what is available at a bingo site before they spend time signing up and making a deposit. Red Bus Bingo is a popular UK bingo sites where you can get a first deposit bonus of 50% – 2000% when you make a deposit.

You will also get a 50% reload bonus and be able to play games of free bingo for guaranteed cash prizes. If all this isn’t enough for you there are so many different promotional games that you can play each and every day for a wide variety of cash prizes.

Big Wins Can Be Yours At Red Bus Bingo

The games that you can play on this site include: the £2k Big Smoke which is played on the last Friday of each month at 9.45pm. Tickets for this guaranteed jackpot cost just £1 and you can pre buy them so you don’t forget when the game is being played. If you like to play bingo on Saturday nights check out the Bridge the Gap game which has a guaranteed cash prize of £200.

Fans of Eastenders can play Telly Hour at 7.30pm each Tuesday and Thursday where there is an Eastenders themed quiz which runs during the game.

Get In On Million Dollar Bingo Action Today

One game that will make you sit up and take notice is the Big Ben Bonanza which is played each Friday in the Big Ben Room at 9.30pm. This game has a maximum jackpot of £1 million, that’s right, you could win an amazing £1 million if you are lucky enough to call bingo in 40 numbers or under.

If you call bingo in 41 – 53 numbers you will win a prize based on the number of balls that have been called. Any calls after 54 numbers will win a guaranteed cash prize of £500 which is good value for tickets that just cost one pound.

Become A Depositing Player And Win Big

These are just a few of the games of bingo that are available at Red Bus Bingo. All games are open to players who have made a deposit and all of the guaranteed jackpot are there waiting to be won by a lucky player which could be you. Why not register today and start your Red Bus Bingo bankroll with some bonus bingo action?