Newest Bingo Promos and offers 2022

Loyalty is always appreciated and rewarded at bingo sites. Good, constant players are credited with VIP points and additional bonuses.

But, sometimes, its nice to try out something different, especially when there are so many bingos out there. New bingo sites are launched monthly and although some of them are unknown they have nonetheless great game rooms, software, chat masters and cool prizes.

No wonder players are sometimes engaged in bingo hopping – trying out the latest bingo sites that went live, than try others and so on.

The bingo networks are aware of the abundance offered to players and therefore come up with new promos and new games in order to keep the players at their sites a little longer. Now, a good bingo site that you like is definitely good to stay at, especially when you get rewarded for redeposits but its no reason no to join another one, just for the variety.

Why play in New Bingo Sites

When new bingo sites go live, the people behind them know they have to invest a lot in marketing and in gathering clientele. TV ads, online ads and radio ads are the most effective media channels for that. Probably the most important factors are the new theme for the site and the main bonus promotion.

Sites like Bingo Street, Sing Bingo, RedBus Bingo and Tasty Bingo are examples of themed sites that attracted many players by offering “something different”.

Although the bonuses were not highly unique, the games and the rooms were. Also were the main prizes such as a trip to Hollywood or a VIP invitation to the Big Brother show shooting.

Bingo sites such as Wink Bingo, Betfred, William Hill, Dream Bingo and Bingo on the Box put emphasis on promos and bonus schemes. Wink literally reinvented itself in 2011 with its “spin the wheel” bonus. So old sites can become the newest bingo sites as well just by changing software and changing their bonus system.

A good example for that is Dream Bingo which turned into a nodeposit bingo with a new platform and so did Ruby Bingo.

New Bingo Sites 2022

Bingo players nowadays enjoy having a few accounts, rotating between playing one site to another. And its very normal to keep deposits in three or four sites. In this case we suggest to keep track of the funds in each account. Its better to work with an e wallet such as PayPal so security is kept and not less important, your safety in terms of how much you spend, is easily monitored.

New bingo sites for 2022 are already under plan and development. Stay tuned to know what’s about to be launched and which are the best new bingo sites around.