Legality and Rules for Bingo in Australia – is playing Bingo in Australia is legal or not?

Bingo is a game, kind of betting game to be precise. It is being played in casinos and online via computers or even mobile devices. To play the game before everyone in Australia, there may be some questions to be answered. The first question that may arise is that, if playing Bingo in Australia is legal or not?

The Answer is quite long. Australia has always been a nation who is indulged in gambling ever since the arrivals of European countries.

In the beginning, betting on horse races was most famous of the gambling games played in Australian soil, and then came the lottery systems to play the gambling games.

Today in Australia, in spite of some debates or problems, gambling has come out to be one of the most interesting, recreational games to be played here.

Most of the people in Australia are involved in playing Bingo.

It has indeed become a rage here in Australia. For example, a few years ago, a record number of people went down to play a recreational gambling game of Bingo.

The Advent of Online Bingo

Australia has always stood in support for gambling or betting. For many years, betting had been the only gambling game available in Australia.

Betting on horse races, gambling on card games were the only medium of gambling games being played here. Community based betting games were then forbidden.

After some years, in 70’s, Australia had seen their first licensed casino to be opened for all.

By then, it was possible to gain access of all sorts of betting in Australia. Even though the betting games were running smoothly, there were roars among some people against these gambling games here.

They had criticized these games until the beginning of online gambling which was controversial and as well as quite successful in its business also. In 90’s Australia was among the countries to adopt this online gambling very quickly and successfully.

Laws of Gambling in Australia

Online gambling or Bingo was not of much too think about earlier in Australia, the only issue that had caused some problems were that most of the online bingo or gambling sites or providers were from outside the country. It had raised some eye brows as most of the money goes out of the country.

So in 2001, the govt. of Australia had passed a law named the Australian Interactive Gambling Act which had made these online gambling to be illegal.

Hence, by then it was illegal to offer any gambling or betting services to the persons interested who logs in from within Australia. This norm is applicable for all the vendors within or outside the nation.

Local vendors, who had got their licenses before enacting this law, are permitted to offer online gambling and restrict other vendors outside Australia and those vendors who are willing to offer the same or who had already offered the same but after enactment of this law.

The citizens of Australia may apply and log in to international gambling sites but to allow them to play gambling on those sites is a criminal offense on the part of the specific vendors.


This act is applicable for all the games (gambling such as Bingo) available in casinos. It is thus can be concluded that here within the country itself, one can play Bingo without violating any laws.

The law itself is under scrutiny these days. It is though not known or uncertain to anyone whether the changes made after the scrutiny will make online gambling legitimize or not.

Till then it is recommended to the citizens interested to play Bingo to play within licensed Australian vendors who provides all gaming services of gambling such as Bingo.